What's A Pebble Blender You Ask?

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There are so many variations of the infamous Beauty Blender out there right now but truth of the matter, we all know there's only two that are truly getting rave reviews from beauty gurus and makeup addicts: the original Beauty Blender and the Miracle Complexion Sponge by Real Techniques.
Both, in all honesty, I truly love. I got mine from Shins and Luxola. A tad bit pricey but you truly get what you pay for. Don't even bother with knock-off versions - they are way too dense to work with. What flawless airbrush effect? You're better off using a foundation brush, if you ask me.

All that negativity aside though, there is however, a new 'beauty blender' that I've been meaning to test out. It's called the Pebble Blender, created by one of Seoul's top beauty guru, Pony.

If you don't already know her, this gorgeous lass has over a million subscribers on her beauty channel Pony's Makeup where she creates beauty tutorials for your everyday day and night looks. I know, I know, that pretty much sums up just about every beauty YouTuber out there but the thing is, I like watching Pony because the looks she create are well, achievable even to the most novice of makeup addicts.

So anyway, back to the Pebble Blender. Why am I obsessed about it? It's shape! Instead of another tear drop shaped sponge, the top end of the sponge has a flat surface which is perfect for blending your under-eye concealer and contouring the sides of your nose. 
Pretty nifty, don't you think? I've yet to actually test this little wonder out myself but if it's Pony-approved, I'm sold. I'll post a review of this once I get my hands on it but in the meantime, if you'd like to give this foundation sponge a try, you can get it here for RM49.90. 

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